Florida Automobile Accident Attorneys for Every Facet of Your Claim

Whether you were involved in a collision with another vehicle or lost a loved one in a deadly crash, the Florida automobile accident attorneys at Florin | Roebig can assist you. A successful vehicle accident claim needs a thorough scene investigation, the preservation of evidence, and an expert evaluation of your injuries. An experienced Florida auto accident attorney will immediately get to work and handle everything for you.

Rear-end crashes are among the most frequent forms of automobile collisions. They can occur at high velocities and cause a variety of damage.

In the majority of rear-end crashes, Florida law holds the motorist in the front seat liable. There are exceptions to this rule, though.

Rear-end collisions can inflict devastating injuries. Neck and back injuries, as well as severe brain and spinal cord damage, may be sustained.

You might be eligible for compensation for your injuries and property damage if you were involved in a T-bone collision in Tampa. A skilled auto accident attorney can assist you in determining if you are entitled to file a claim and obtain the compensation you deserve.

T-bone collisions, also known as broadside collisions, occur when the front of one vehicle collides with the side of another vehicle. They are a typical sort of motor vehicle accident that, if the collision is forceful enough, can cause significant damage or death.

The majority of these collisions occur at intersections when a driver runs a red light and collides with another vehicle. They can also occur when a driver takes a left turn without recognizing that the opposing car is already stopped at the intersection, awaiting the green light.

Head-on collisions are among the most severe types of automobile mishaps. The combination of huge force and speed of both vehicles renders them exceptionally deadly.

Injuries to drivers and passengers can range from minor bruises, scratches, and scrapes to life-altering or deadly injuries. They can include traumatic brain injury, internal hemorrhage, ruptured discs, and damage to the spinal cord, among others.

Typically, accident victims seek compensation for medical bills, future care, pain and suffering, and other losses. They may also bring a claim against a third party, such as the manufacturer of a faulty car component that contributed to their injuries.

Side-impact incidents are among the most hazardous forms of automobile mishaps. They can be particularly catastrophic for the driver and passengers.

They are frequently the result of a driver's disregard for traffic signals, missing a vital road sign, or running a red light, and they can also result from an erroneous turn.

According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, side-impact incidents account for more than 22 percent of all vehicle accident fatalities in a single year.

Florida is one of the states with the highest rate of truck crashes, which is a nationwide issue. A report from 2019 indicates that 202 persons were killed and 3,863 were injured in crashes involving heavy trucks and buses.

These large trucks weigh thirty times as much as a passenger car, making them a formidable hazard on the road. However, there are steps you may take to prevent a truck accident.

You may have legal alternatives if you or a loved one has been hurt in a side-impact collision. A skilled side-impact auto accident attorney can assist you in pursuing reimbursement for your damages. These damages may consist of medical expenses, lost wages, future medical costs, pain and suffering, and more.

First, examine your own vehicle for injuries and get medical attention if necessary. Additionally, get the contact information of any witnesses and the truck driver at the scene.